The Indian government has prohibited or banned 118 mobile apps, applications, including PUBG Versatile, referring to information security, even though the PC rendition of PUBG stays to be restricted in India. Simultaneously, the banner of the Made in India multilayer gaming application FAU-G has been delivered by in all honesty Bellwood entertainer Akshay Kumar. He has given data about it by tweeting from his official statement.

There is no particular data about this game right now, yet as per reports, the FAU: G game will likewise be multiplayer, much the same as PUBG. This game will be delivered by Bangalore-based organization nCORE Games. Other than a diversion, players will likewise find out about the penances of our officers. 20% of the net income produced will be given to Bharat Ke Veer. There is right now no data about the dispatch date of the FAU: G game.

Akshay shared this data through his Twitter on 4 September


Akshay Kumar tweeted, “This application named FAU-G (Military) will be made under the mentorship of Akshay Kumar, which will be a multiplayer activity game. This application, which comes after the boycott of PUBG, will be Indian and 20 percent of its profit will be given to the ‘Veer Trust’ of India. ‘ ‘Veer Trust of India’ underpins the fearless troopers of India. Twitter has gone insane and we are observer to blended responses after the dispatch of the game made in India.