About Me

Who We Are?

“Journalist should be unbiased If we want free and educated society”

In today’s world, News is broken or either sponsored and almost all media house are biased and favor specific Group, organization, political parties, MNC’s and countries So, we thought that we can change this by publishing Articles and blog’s based on facts, knowledge as well as a spirit of a journalist. Our team emphasis truth over money. We created this platform to aware general public about everything happening in this world which is going to impact us as a result.

Our team writes something after researching a topic and spend almost 2-3 working days to gather information about every single fact for you. Insight our team, we have literature expert’s to overview content and disqualify sentences and words which can damage sentiment of the general public and we promote the integration of society without any type of racism involving and we have a highly dissatisfied team to work and promote tranquility in community.

We provide you resources and facts to the public to learn something new as well as awareness. Our team, try to help society by removing the barrier between communities, helping NGO’s to eliminate gender gap as well as equal rights for the LGBTQ community and freedom of the press.