Development of human civilization AKA destruction of Ecosystem

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Nowadays, Common population is very much aware about how humans are damaging and damaged earth or environment by fossil fuels, Deforestation, Plastic waste, Global warming etc..   But, it was not like that before 7 decades that time humans were not aware of the impact of global warming.

Initially, humans were forced to believe that Global warming and other human environmental impact are just myths or few people want to fear society.

Many environmental activities argue that development of modern civilization ( After industrial revolution) increase the worst impact of animal habitat and ecosystem as well as they connect modern civilization and worsened human habitat relation by saying that they are directly proportional to each other example higher modernization which leads to a higher bad effect on the environment and human habitat.

Before modern civilization, impact of human on earth was less because of not agriculture and no industries that time therefore, It can be seen that old civilization like Ancient Egyptian (3150 BCE to 332BCE) had a low level or negligible impact on environment compare to modern civilization or empire like United States of America (U.S.A.) which has average annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per person more than 20 metric tons which is way more than world average of 4 metric tons.

Impact of agriculture and the industrial revolution on planet Earth, It is visible that before fixed agriculture, human were more dependent on animal meat by hunting and natural food and that’s why they were one of the main specie in Eco-system and many times they lost their lives to get food, Although it was changed after, human start agriculture practice which helps humans to live in communities and to get settled at one place reducing chance of death because community usually not allow predator and kill them if they attack humans which resulted in an explosion of humans in the world increasing from 6 million to 170 million and position become more worst for environment and ecosystem after the industrial revolution (1740-1820) when humans were able to brought new machinery, Increased the food supply, Better sanitization and improvement in human health system due to creation of vaccination and antibodies. All these factor resulted in a lower death rate and better network between communities which then grew into cities and States. The estimated increase in the human population expanded to 7.3 billion as of now in the 3rd industrial revolution ie. Human developed a modern way of living where predators are kept in zoos and the small land forests they were used to be.

Burring fossil fuels in modern civilization for creating, development and working of industries is increasingly significant greenhouse gases ( include CO2, C0 and many more) which is causing earth temperature to rise and melting of glaciers therefore increasing oceans water which may have a devastating effect on the world by changing weather pattern and submerging large landmass in water. Countries like Maldives, New Zealand, and many more are going to be totally submerged in the ocean. It’s estimated that before 2050 Maldives (the country in the Indian ocean) is going submerged in the Indian ocean because of rising sea level in oceans.

Humans have may solutions to solve this problem but all humans are not concerned and convince to try. Paris climate agreement is a good example where all United Nations (UN) countries want to hold the rising temperature of Earth to reducing carbon emissions, converting dependence from Non- renewable energy sources to Renewable energy sources But, on June 01, 2017, United States of America (USA) withdrawal from Paris agreement in Donald Trump’s presidency which reduces the strength of Paris agreement because United States of America (USA) produce more carbon dioxide than any other major country

as well as a major contributor in carbon footprint and global warming. To control global warming and other environmental hazards. Humans should stand together and reduce the bad impact of humans on the environment and earth individually as well as the country level.

“Human created this problem so Human should solve it”

-from planet earth.


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