When it comes to food we all have different habits some are good and few are not good enough and it is very hard to change any habit related to food because we usually develop habits in our childhood and improving them is difficult in many cases but not impossible.

You can change your habits very easily after applying some routine change in your life as well as it will help you to lose weight permanently because many times people try to do reduce their appetite significantly which help them to lose weight in short term but after a certain time they gain weight again, therefore, routine changes are necessary to maintain weight loss.

3R to maintain weight or reduce weight




Below is complete knowledge about 3R

Reflect (learn about yourself)

First, try to identify your good and bad habits by keeping a food diary and try to write everything you eat so you will be able to find out common bad habits and highlight them concerning your diet. It will help you to learn yourself and then you can make changes respect to your way.

Make sure to highlight everything you eat and when you eat try to do this thing for a few weeks.

Then try to ask yourself that how you can avoid unhealthy habits or if you are not able to change your unearthly food that time then try to change food to healthy from unhealthy and try to stop eating fast food as well as always remember why you want to achieve your goals and for that you can put a paper with reason on it so you will always visit or see.


The most important thing to do in this stage is to replace your all unhealthier habits with healthier ones and you can do this by sharing your meal with colleagues and family this will force you to eat less as well as you can try to eat slowly as you can which will help you to satisfy your hunger.

And try to eat only when you are hungry not for mealtime or feeling and plan your meal earlier and it should be a balanced diet.


Reinforce your good habits with time and patience, habits take time to build so give yourself enough time to adopt your new habits so you can step by step precede your goal and if you found yourself in a different path then see why you want to reduce your weight.