Well, losing weight need more than you thought you should be mentally prepared to try to loss weight and there are few steps you should do before attempting to lose weight.

  1. Build a commitment.

2. Take stock of where you are.

3. Try to achieve realistic goals.

4. Get a reliable source for information and support.

5. Monitor your progress after a few weeks.

Build a commitment.

You can start your plan by committing yourself that you want to lose weight and first write down why you want to lose weight in a notebook and put at that place where you see your reason every day as a daily reminder. Try to write how you want to lose weight and if you want a specific way like diet or exercise you can write.

Take stock of where you are.

Try to talk doctor first to evaluate your health condition and ask the doctor about risk conditions of losing weight by your way and if you get a green line from your physician. Keep a food diary for several days until you get used to eating desire food to lose weight as well as you can use applications to help you to note what you eat and how much calories you eat.

Try to examine your current lifestyle and make sure that you don’t get any problem achieving your goal and if you have any problem try to solve that problem before you start.

Try to achieve realistic goals.

Set some short-term goals and reward your efforts along the way and if you want long term goals try to put goals after a certain loss of weight. Try to focus more than one goal and your goals should be specific and reliable so you can feel that you can achieve you goal and divide your goals into few parts.

Get reliable sources for information and support.

Reliable source is essential in you want to achieve your goal and try to get information from better sources like government sources and specific organizations with a specialty in health-related topic and this will help you to get info related to what you eat and exercise.

Monitor your progress after a few weeks.

Evaluate your progress after a certain time that will help you to plan and execute your process with respect to your progress at that time and reward yourself after reaching a certain part of your goals just to appreciate yourself for getting successful in your attempt.

And if you successfully achieved your goal then you can plan for other achievements.