Eleven fellows of a Pakistani Hindu migrants family were found lifeless in Indian northern Rajasthan’s Jodhpur area Sunday morning, police officers explained.

One of the household members, who argued to have rested outside the hut in a Lodta village of the Dechu district said he had no evidence as to what resulted in the incident, revealed Indian media.

“But he claimed to have no idea about the incident, which believed to have happened in the night,” said Superintendent of Police Rahul Barat.

“We are yet to ascertain the cause and means of death. But apparently, all the members appeared to have committed suicide by consuming some chemical in the night,” Rahul said.

Rahul said there was an aroma of some chemicals around in the hut, indicating that they ate something.

All the household members were Hindu migrants from Pakistan from the Bhil population and had been staying on the farm in the village, which they had hired for agriculture.

“There was neither any injury mark on any of the bodies nor any pieces of evidence of any foul play,” the SP told. “But we have roped in the forensic team and a dog squad to arrive at any final conclusion.”

Initial data suggested that there was some conflict in the household over some topics.

Police official tells all members appeared to have executed suicide by eating some chemical in dark.

“Once we interrogate the survivor, we would be in any position to find out that what had led to this incident,” SP said.


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