Obesity Introduction:-

As we all know that obesity one of the most dangerous health-risk that harms your body badly and obesity is a complicated disease in which there is an excess of body fat. Obesity is not just a superficial matter. It is a medical problem that improves your risk of other diseases and health hazards such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers.

According To Many Reports:-

  • New research suggests that cardiometabolic disease risk factors increase with the duration of obesity.
  • Being overweight is considered unhealthy, but data suggests that duration also affects.
  • Dietary changes, such as eating well and exercising, as well as cutting down processed and sugar-rich foods are effective.
  • Bariatric surgery is also an option for those who are not able to see results with other changes.

There is no doubt that obesity carries significant risk to long term health.

18.5 or under underweight
18.5 to <25.0 “normal” weight
25.0 to <30.0 overweight
30.0 to <35.0 class 1 obesity
35.0 to <40.0 class 2 obesity
40.0 or over class 3 obesity


Common Specific Causes of Obesity Include:-

  • Genetics, which can affect how your body processes food into energy and how fat is stored.
  • Increasing age, which can lead to lower muscle mass and slower metabolic rate, making weight gain easier.
  • Not getting enough sleep can lead to hormonal changes that make you feel hungry and crave some high-calorie foods
  • Pregnancy can be difficult to lose weight during pregnancy, and may eventually lead to obesity

What Are The Obesity Complication?

Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers breast, colon, and endometrial, stroke, gallbladder disease, fatty liver disease, above cholesterol sleep apnea, and other breathing problems, arthritis, infertility. These complications are one of the best ways to get rid of your health-related issues.

How Can I Preserve Myself From The Obesity Problem?

Do Exercise: exercise is one of the best and effective formulas that will help you to cut down your extra body fat as well as also eliminate your body storage fat properly. Many studies found that a person who does body exercise properly those person bodies is quite well. So, we want to tell you that do exercise properly

Eating Healthy: no doubt, as we all know that a healthy diet plays an important role in our daily life to keep us fit and good. In addition, healthy nutrition, protein, and minerals are quite beneficial for your stable and balanced fats. Therefore, if you are struggling with the problem of excess fat. Then, you need to make a healthy and powerful diet so that you could prevent your increasing fat quickly.

Stay Away From The Stress, Anxiety, Depression: many researchers found that stress, anxiety, and depression also a big cause of obesity. Here we would like to tell you that if we want to keep away from obesity. Then, you need to finish your stress, anxiety, and depression quickly.


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