If your bodyweight doesn’t change for the last several months or you are in a caloric balance diet however if you need to gain or lose weight you should need to have a balanced diet and activity level to achieve your goals. To see how many calories you should take in a day to achieve and maintain recommended weight.

To understand your intake calories you can write down the food you eat and beverages you drink, add calories side by side each day. By writing down how much calories your intake you can become more aware of what are you consuming and if you want you can write physical exercise you do each day and with length and this information can help you to learn about yourself and your daily requirement for your respective goals.

A suggestion of physical exercise with level

Well, calories for individuals differ with respect to their level of fitness and exercise. For a healthy balanced diet, you should have balance foods you eat, beverages you drink, adequate sleep, stress management, as well as physical activity of a person. It’s not necessary to count calories all the time however in beginning, it can help you to determine how much calories your food and drink containers which you regularly eat or drink. A test of balance is important for any activity such as maintaining and losing weight

  • For adults

2 hours and 30 minutes of physical exercise are enough (about 25 minutes every day or 50 minutes in alternative days). This should include exercise like moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and it can include brisk walking and muscle-strengthening exercise with at least 2 days or more as well as strengthening exercise should work all major part of the muscle group in the body like legs hips, back abdomen, chest, shoulder, and arm.

Increase the intensity or amount of time you spend on physical exercise to improve health benefits and control the body.

Parents and guardians can encourage a teenager to be physical activity at least 60 minutes each day

Question and myths related to calories.

  1. I have heard it’s more important to worry and concern about carbohydrates than calories. Is this true?

By focusing and considering only carbohydrates, there is a possibility for you to still eat too many calories. Also if you reduce the variety of food from your diet, you could exclude vital nutrients and it will affect your ability to continue.

  1. Does it matter how much calories I eat if I am maintaining an active lifestyle?

Well physical activity or exercise an essential part of weight balance, so is controlling the number of calories you consume. If you are eating more than burring you will still gain weight.

  1. What type of factor besides diet and behavior contribute to overweight and obesity?

Environment and genetic factors may cause overweight and obesity.