Washington: US President Donald Trump said he loves to get involve and help at a “very nasty” situation along the India-China border and he added that the Chinese are going at it much more strongly.

Trump told reporters on Friday evening (4-sep-2020) at a White House news conference that “While we’re at it, we’re talking about China and India are going at it pretty good on the border, as you know. It’s been very nasty”.

Trump explains at a news conference that he is talking to both countries India and China about the situation/conflict.

As well as, he said that “we stand ready to help concerning China and India. If we can do anything, we would love to get involved and help. And we are talking to both countries about that”.

When the reporter asked if china is bullying India, he said that he hoped it’s not the case but noted that China is certainly going at it.

In response to a reporter question, Trump said “I hope not… But they (China) are certainly going at it. They are going at it much more strongly than a lot of people even understand,”.

It’s common for trump to show help to mediate in Indian border the same as this type of mediation trump offered in India-Pakistan and prior India-China border however, India rejected trump mediation offer twice.